A Big Big Thank You Alan for getting me back running again after my knee operation. Jogging down the bank of the river means so much to me for both mind and body so missing it was  difficult. Your Professional treatment and encouragement has made all the difference and has put a smile back on my face. Being back in action is brilliant and I’m delighted to acknowledge your great work that has got me there. Much appreciated and keep up the super work.

Dave Mahedy, Director, Sport and Recreation, University of Limerick.


Despite only having known Alan for 6 months I have firsthand experience of his vast wealth of knowledge and his robust work ethic. Having suffered a chronic and debilitating hamstring injury which kept me out of competition for six months and saw me visit numerous physios and physical therapists alike, I presented to Alan with a highly pessimistic demeanor. However my worries were immediately put to rest.  After diagnosing the precise extent of the problem, Alan left no stone unturned in his search to locate the root cause of the issue. Using his knowledge of the human anatomy coupled with his burgeoning understanding of human bio-mechanics, we managed to rectify the imbalance after months of tireless persistence. Moreover Alan’s willingness to impart his experience as a competitive cyclist has proven to be uplifting on even the darkest of days. His passion and love for his job shines through at all times, manifesting itself in a highly professional approach to dealing with every patient and every problem presented before him. I would recommend Alan as the first port of call for every recreational and competitive sports person suffering from any type of knock or injury.

 Michael Carmody


I am a triathlete and basketball player and have been visiting Alan for the last few months. He has kept me in racing shape during that time and sorted out any aches and pains I had. He also improved my flexibility, which contributed significantly to my improved performance. He always makes himself available at short notice and, as an athlete himself, understands the importance of getting back to training/competition as quickly as possible. Although I have recently moved up to Dublin, I intend to visit Alan when I’m at home in Limerick each month. He is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. 

 Rachel Clancy


Alan has a great understanding of sports related injuries. He is quick to diagnose and exceptional and treating the problem. I had the pleasure of using his services during a couple of tournaments in which he helped our team out. In one of the tournaments it was Alan’s treatment of an old hamstring problem that was crucial to me finishing the tournament and playing a key role in our team winning it. Without Alan I would not have lasted the day. The advice and exercises he gave to me have helped me manage the old injury and prevent it from reoccurring.  He has a great understanding of individual requirements and of the human body. I would have no hesitation in using Alan’s service again and would highly recommend him to people suffering from sports injuries. Nick Polley, Bircroft Panthers Tag Rugby

Nicholas Polley BSc (Eng) Dip Eng


I am a full time Dance Teacher Student in my final year.  Over the years my body has suffered many stresses and strains as a result of my long hours of dance training.  Last year these injuries all came together and for a period of time, despite visits to GP’s, Physiotherapists and an Orthopaedic Surgeon I thought that my life’s dream was at an end.  Finally in February 2012 I attended my first appointment with Alan.  From the first phone call I was filled with confidence that at last I had found someone who understood exactly what I was saying about my body and the difficulties I was experiencing with my dancing.  From the first appointment there was a noticable improvement in my movements and what my body could do.  By May 2012 I was back to full classes, preparing for exams and taking part in a show.  When I return from the UK, regardless of the need, I now try to schedule an appointment with Alan for maintenance. 

 Deirdre Barry


Alan provides a very professional service. His attention to detail is second to none! Alan never books treatments close together, so unlike other sport therapists you are not rushed off the table because of another client waiting outside. Alan has a massive hunger to progress within the industry. This can be seen by his ever expanding wall of certificates!

Alan Loftus has a great interest in all sports and understands the sporting environment. If you have an injury that is holding you back from competing then Alan is the only person to go to. He will never see you stuck! Furthermore, his expertises do not solely lay within the realm of sports injuries. Alan has treated some of my non-sporting family members. They have more faith and reassurance in him than in practitioners that they have been attending for years, and actually travel quite a distance to attend his clinic.

 Simply put…if you have an injury then Alan Loftus is the only person that will go above and beyond to help you!



I would highly recommend Alan from the treatment he has given to me over the past year. Very friendly, Alan does a good job of making what can be a painful experience into one that isn’t so daunting! I’ve been injury free throughout my time going to Alan, testament to the quality of the treatment. Alan always knows the latest techniques and has the most recent tools for the job too. The best part of Alan’s treatment for me is how he explains everything, in simple terms too if necessary! Alan always does his best to help you out and shows great interest in your performance too.



My name is Michael. I’m a rugby player and during the last season I picked up an injury that I thought was just a niggle. But this injury persisted so I went to Alan. He checked me out and told me I had tendonitis in my knee. The tendon below my knee was inflamed and limited my movement and power. This problem was stopping me from being able to sprint properly, do weights and most importantly scrum as I’m a prop.  Alan did the best he could to get me back playing as quick as possible. He introduced me to treatment with massages and light stretching, when he did all he could do with that he used dry-needling. This treatment was very effective and within the next two sessions he had cleared the problem completely.




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