Welcome to my website, I am a sports physio based in Co.Limerick. I have numerous qualifications in Physiotherapy and Sports physio. I have recently started studying more on Mental Health in the past couple of months. I am looking forward to working with clients in the future.

Known for sports injury treatment Limerick and beyond, I have worked with clients from all fields and all ages. My clients include players at local and club and county team level along with sports people from all sporting backgrounds:  international cyclists, triathletes, track & field and elite rugby players. I have numerous testimonials to back up my quality service.

I am also a keen sportsman and I have been a member of Irish Cycling for over 25 years, I have competed in the famous Rás Tailtean International cycling race 4 times, as well as numerous International and regional races throughout Ireland including the Rás Mumhain & the Tour of Ulster.

For anymore information on my services feel free to contact me through my contact page.